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Top 3 Support queries received last month

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To help you understand our platform better and reduce turn around time with support, we are bringing you Top 3 questions asked by customers on a monthly basis

Why is my SSL order not yet delivered?

Usually this results from an unconfirmed DCV email. Please check the mailaddress you’ve used as ‘approver’ in your order for the mails from the certificate authority and confirm them.

If you ordered an OV (organization validation) certificate then check the mailaddress of the administrative contact to see if a mail was received about a callback verification. In these mails you will find instructions on completing this step of the process.

If you still have doubt you can contact our Support department.

As you may be aware we are currently working on a system that allows you to check the current status of your order at any given time, keep an eye on our newsletters to see when this is released!

I want to transfer my domain name, what do I have to do?

This depends on what kind of domain name you have. A .nl domain has different steps to transfer than a .com, for example.

We’ve documented all the steps in our Knowledge Base.

To find the specific article for the domain you are transferring, click on ‘Knowledge Base’ in the menu of our control panel and simply search for ‘.nl’, ‘.com’ or any other TLD you may want to transfer at that moment.

Can you stop those mails from ICANN?

Unfortunately not. We have to send them, it’s simply part of the rules of ICANN.

Recently we did allow our customers to modify these mails, that way you can change them to your own design and text to make sure your customers understand what the mail is about.

For all the possible configurations, check this page in the control panel.

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