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Why consolidate your domain portfolio
with Openprovider?

unique domain reseller membership plans

Unique automation technology

Openprovider’s transfer robots were specifically designed to unify all your domains under one umbrella - no matter where they are.

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Consolidating your domain portfolio is a big step, and we understand that you may have questions. Our team of specialists is here to help you with any questions or doubts that you may have.

Transfer your domains and
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Watch the video below to learn more about why consolidating your domain portfolio is the best move for your business.

Why consolidate domain portfolio

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openprovider clients

In 2011, we had our domains registered somewhere else. We had to send an email or create a ticket for every change we wanted to make. I came across Openprovider and discovered their control panel and API. Everything became so much easier!

Arjan Schollaart



Frequently asked questions

Still have questions about the domain transfer process at Openprovider? Find the answers you are looking for below.

Do you support registry bulk transfers (SIDN, EURid, etc)?

What happens to my domain(s)’s expiration date after a transfer?

Is it possible to schedule a transfer for a future date?

Do you need to request transfer codes for domains managed at Openprovider?

Can I transfer a domain that is currently in quarantine to Openprovider?

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Automated and scheduled domain transfers.

One year of domain renewal on gTLD transfers.

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