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Premium DNS

Don’t run the risk of your website going down. Premium DNS keeps your DNS zone protected from DDoS attacks at all times — together with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and a blazing fast resolution.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are an easy solution to keep your website safe and increase customer trust. We offer a wide range of certificates to meet all of your needs.


Keep your inbox free from threats. SpamExperts’ advanced email filter scans and filters your email for spam, malware, phishing and more with almost 100% accuracy - all before it reaches your inbox.


Prevent hackers from using your domain and stay off blacklists with EasyDMARC's intuitive DMARC solution. This product helps you monitor your outgoing emails, improve your domain reputation and protect your email from hackers and phishers.

Plesk licenses

Plesk is a hosting platform created to help you run, automate and grow your website(s) or hosting business. From a single web administrator to the owner of a large hosting company, there is a Plesk edition for everyone.

S/MIME and Code Signing

Add another layer of security to your work with these new certificates. S/MIME is a secure email certificate that authenticates and encrypts your business email content. Code Signing is a digital signature that keeps third parties from interfering with your software products. 

Security scanner

Do you want to know how safe your domain is? Try our free security scanner and receive a detailed report about your domain security in just a few clicks.

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