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When it comes to online transactions, trust is a main factor. That’s why it’s crucial to protect your website with a SSL certificate. Websites that do not have a SSL certificate will automatically be marked as “unsafe” by all major browsers.

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How does a SSL certificate work?

SSL certificates validate the identity of your website and keep the data that it receives encrypted and safe. They do this by using encryption algorithms.

These algorithms “scramble” the data that users enter into your website, such as names, passwords and payment details. This makes it impossible for third parties to intercept sensitive data, such as passwords, email addresses and payment information.

Don't get marked as unsafe

In most major browsers, when visitors go to a website without a SSL certificate, they will receive a warning that it is unsafe. Some browsers will not even allow people to browse websites without an SSL certificate. More than 99% of browsing time on Chrome takes place on websites that are protected with SSL certificates.

On top of that, having a SSL certificate will also improve your search engine ranking — while websites that do not have one may not even show up in search results.

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Which type of SSL certificate do I need?

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DV certificates

For purely informational or entertaining websites that do not process personal data, such as personal websites, blogs and portfolios.

Only email validation needed.

Ready for use in 15 minutes.

Starts at $7.20 / per year

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EV certificates

For small to medium-sized businesses that process payments and/or have a login functionality with usernames and passwords.

Email validation & company validation needed.

Ready for use in 1-2 business days.

Starts at $28.00 / per year

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OV certificates

For large enterprise companies that process large amounts of sensitive data. These certificates require significantly more validation to ensure optimal security.

Email validation, company validation and EV documents needed.

Ready for use in 3-6 business days.

Starts at $79.99 / per year

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*Prices displayed here may vary slightly based on current conversion rates. Please review your final order summary before completing your purchase.

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Ready to order your SSL certificate?

SSL certificates add an important layer of security to your website. Without a SSL certificate, your visitors and customers will have a high chance of having their data leaked and stolen. On top of that, you may lose valuable visitors because of your website not showing in major browsers and search engines.

Take this simple step towards higher security now and order your SSL certificate today with Openprovider. It’s fast and easy, and we are with you if you have any questions or doubts.

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