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Protect your email domain

Protect your domain and your reputation from hackers sending emails from your domain. Manage and authenticate your email on a whole new level.

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Why choose EasyDMARC
for your business?

An all-in-one solution for your outgoing email.

Improve your domain reputation

Let you customers and business partners know that their security and privacy has the biggest value to you.

Keep your employees informed

Notify your employees using alerts about active phishing attacks, track the source and catch the hackers.

Protect your digital assets

Your data is a core part of your business. Losing it due to hackers and phishing attacks, means paying a lot of money for ransoms and data recovery.

Deliver all
your emails

Reduce the risk of being marked as spam by the biggest email platform providers - Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc.)

Control your

Monitor in real time who exactly is sending emails from your domain, like customer support, marketing campaigns etrc.

Apply the highest standards

EasyDMARC provides the best industry standards that significantly reduce the risk of fraudulent emails.

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reseller benefits

A perfect addition to your offer

At Openprovider we want to see you grow from the very beginning. Add EasyDMARC to your offer today and benefit from:
- A new revenue stream from a new product.
- A short buying cycle, easy provisioning and quick onboarding for your customers.
- Competitive pricing with high margin that gives you fast ROI.
- Top-rated product by customer feedback.
- Standing out from your competition and provide your customers with the best DMARC product.

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EasyDMARC Basic

25.000 emails / month

1 domain and 1 user

1 month data history


Blacklist check

Email vendor identification

Hosted DMARC

Email investigation

Phishing URL check

Aggregated reports (RUA)

Basic weekly email reports

Reputation monitoring

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