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Do phishing emails bother you? Are you afraid of hackers that might pretend to be you and send malicious emails to your customers? Do you want more insights into your outgoing email flows? And do you also want to improve your email deliverability? EasyDMARC can help you with all of that.

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What is DMARC?

DMARC is an increasingly adopted email authentication protocol that prioritizes legitimate emails and protects against phishing. It is adopted by Microsoft, Google, AOL and Yahoo, meaning that their receiving email servers will automatically mark emails that are not protected by DMARC as spam. DMARC is implemented y adding a record to the DNS.

What is EasyDMARC?

DMARC records require a lot of technical knowledge to set up yourself. If you set it up wrong, all of your emails may end up being marked as spam instead.

EasyDMARC is an all-in-one email security and deliverability platform that makes DMARC easy and accessible for everyone. This tool logs every single email that is sent from your domain and gives you full, immediate insight into your outgoing email flows..

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What does EasyDMARC do for you?

Keep your overview

Find out who is sending emails from your domain and which servers they are using.

Stay in control

Select your trusted sources and promote their status to send emails on your behalf.

Catch phishing attempts

Identify any malicious third parties and add their servers to the blacklist.

Many companies are already using EasyDMARC.
Here’s what they have to say.

“EasyDMARC has recorded all emails that are sent from our domain from the first day we installed it. It immediately gave us a lot of insights on our email flows that we were missing before. Through data from EasyDMARC, we have improved processes which we would otherwise not even have known about.

It also made me feel a lot more secure to know that all our emails are tracked. If someone would attempt to send an email from my domain, I would immediately know this.

I would recommend this tool to anyone who no longer wants to bother updating the DNS records themselves. Using EasyDMARC, you can manage everything in one simple, centralized platform, which saves you a lot of time. Unlike manual solutions, EasyDMARC has given us a full picture of our outbound email, and that is an invaluable thing.”

Hicham El Hafed

Director Procys
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Start using EasyDMARC today

Are you unable to afford losing customers to phishing attacks? Do you want to keep your emails out of customers’ spam folders and make sure to get the most out of your outbound email strategy? If your answer to these questions is yes, then EasyDMARC is the right choice for you. It’s a cost-effective solution that can save your finances and the brand of your company.

Pricing for EasyDMARC starts at €6.49/month for Members and €7.49/month for non-Members. Below, you can see everything that is included within this package.

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EasyDMARC Basic

25.000 emails / month

1 domain and 1 user

1 month data history


Blacklist check

Email vendor identification

Hosted DMARC

Email investigation

Phishing URL check

Aggregated reports (RUA)

Basic weekly email reports

Reputation monitoring


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