Elevate your website’s performance

Say goodbye to downtime and slow websites with Premium Anycast DNS. Its enterprise-grade DDoS protection guarantees protection, while the global, blazing fast server network ensures that your website will always stay online.

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Why do you need Premium DNS?

Blazing fast resolution

Don’t let your visitors drift away due to slow load times. Premium DNS offers them lightning-fast website access, ensuring they stick around.

Fortified DDoS protection

Prevent downtime and loss of customers and revenue caused by DDoS attacks. Stay safe at all times with enterprise grade DDoS protection.

Global reach

The extensive Anycast network strategically distributes your users to the nearest server, ensuring a seamless user experience worldwide.

Simple setup, big impact

Easily manage your Premium DNS zones through the Openprovider control panel and API - it works just like our regular DNS zones.

Boost SEO and conversions

Google rewards fast-loading websites. Improved website speed will help you climb the search engine rankings and watch your conversion rate soar.

Stay online, no matter what

If one server goes down, traffic will be automatically rerouted to the next one, guaranteeing an uptime of 99.99% for your website.

Get started with Premium DNS today

99.99% uptime guarantee

Global Anycast network

Near real-time updates

Enterprise grade DDoS protection

Easy setup and management

API integration available

Member price

$ 6.49



Non-member price

$ 8.99




Premium DNS v/s standard DNS

All domains at Openprovider already come with a standard free DNS zone on our servers. Do you want to give your domain extra security? Choose Premium DNS for just $6.49 per year. You can compare our standard and Premium DNS through the table below:

Openprovider Standard DNS
Premium DNS by Sectigo
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Global Coverage
Full protection against DNS DDoS attacks
Support by Openprovider’s DNS API
Support by Openprovider’s DNS Panel
DNSSEC support
Easily manage zones and records from the DNS management area of the Control Panel
Support for DNS Templates
From $6.49/yr

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