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Sectigo’s Premium DNS provides every one of your customers with the protection they need and deserve!

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What is so great about Sectigo’s Premium DNS?

Premium DNS leverages Sectigo’s advanced infrastructure to provide a single, integrated and easy to adopt solution that comes with the following advantages:

Blazing Fast Resolution

Your customers automatically connect to the closest DNS server, resulting in lower latencies and faster access times.

Global Presence

All your DNS zones are pushed to Sectigo’s DNS servers around the globe, ensuring an optimal user experience for your customers.

DDoS Protection

Sectigo’s Premium DNS keeps your DNS zone protected from DDoS DNS attacks at all times.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Sectigo’s built-in smart routing and anycast capabilities ensure that your DNS zones are always online.

Near Real-Time Updates

Updates to your DNS records are carried out globally in near real-time.

Easily Managed

Use the same interface and API that is used to manage standard DNS zones hosted at Openprovider’s nameservers.

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What’s in it for you as a reseller

At Openprovider we want to see you grow from the very beginning!
Create a new revenue stream by reselling a premium service from a globally recognized security brand:

- Mitigate your customers’ increasing concerns about web security
- Gain their loyalty and improve retention rates
- Effortlessly integrate Sectigo’s Premium DNS
- Get the best prices and the opportunity to make extra margin

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DNS service benchmark

Now you know what Sectigo’s Premium DNS service brings to the table, here’s a detailed comparison between our Standard and Premium DNS offering to help you make an informed decision.

Openprovider Standard DNS
Premium DNS by Sectigo
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Global Coverage
Full protection against DNS DDoS attacks
Support by Openprovider’s DNS API
Support by Openprovider’s DNS Panel
DNSSEC support
Easily manage zones and records from the DNS management area of the Reseller Control Panel
Support for DNS Templates
Price (per year)
From $7.49