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Say goodbye to intruders in your email systems with SpamExperts.

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Your email is vulnerable to unwanted intruders

According to the latest research, 45-85% of all emails sent worldwide every day are spam. This amount of unwanted communication can and will slow down your company's effectiveness and response time and will generate additional costs. These costs could be avoided by using SpamExperts as a filter for incoming emails that will block all unwanted and fraudulent messages.


Why choose SpamExperts?

SpamExperts filters your incoming mail from any threat with 99.98% efficiency.

Keep your network safe from incoming threats

Cybercrime never relents and new viruses and malware keep popping up every day. With this in mind, SpamExperts' intelligent technology provides up-to-date spam and malware protection. Processing over 2.5 million active domains on a daily basis has made the team of SpamExperts true "spam experts".

Professional email security is at our core

SpamExperts is the sword in the darkness, the shield that guards the email realm. Release the Kraken, aka their filtering solutions, and keep your customers safe! The incoming filter will keep spam and viruses out, while the outgoing filter will avoid spam from leaving their network and getting them blacklisted.

Choose your deployment and integrations

Get on the cloud—no additional hardware needed—or leverage on-premises hardware for local email security and archiving. Worried about integration? Don’t be! You can manage everything from our centralized, user-friendly platform.

Take control of your email flows

SpamExperts makes sure that you stay in the driver’s seat at all times. Downtime and outages? Not a problem. You’ll always have access to your emails and they will always reach their destination. Multilevel control, live quarantines, and constant updates are just the cherry on the cake.

We have helped others to stay safe

“Spam Experts is so easy to use! The web interface is extremely intuitive and it just works! You can train Spam Experts to whitelist specific email domains either by selecting the "Release and do not mark as SPAM" option or on the opposite end, you can blacklist email by selecting the "Remove and Train as Spam" option.”

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16 emails

The average person receives 16 spam emails per day.

$20.5 billion

Every year email spam costs businesses worldwide.


Of all organizations have been targeted by phishing scams

Give intruders no chance and save your valuable time

Inbound filters

Keep your network safe from spam, viruses, phishing, and malware attacks.

Detect spam and malware outbreaks in real-time.

Save time and money by not dealing with spam.



Outbound filters

Protect your branding by keeping your IP ranges safe.

Save time and money by not getting blacklisted.

Increase outbound mail delivery and continuity, by making sure every message reaches its destination.



Email archiving

Store your emails safely and easily accessible at all times.

Optimize your IT system’s performance by relocating to the cloud.



Want to keep intruders out for good?

It is within your control to leave intruders no chance and keep your system safe. Choose SpamExperts and prevent:

Loss of valuable time
Identity theft
Costs involved in spam attacks
Get blacklisted

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Together, we make the internet a better place

Save yourself time, costs and other spam-related burdens with SpamExperts