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Price increase in validation fees fTLD and Dominion Registry

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IMG_fTLD-validationfTLD Registry (.bank)
As from the 1st of August, fTLD Registry, managing the .bank and .insurance extensions, will increase the fee for failed validations of .bank domains with $25, so that it matches the validation fee of .insurance domains.

If the registrant of a .bank or .insurance domain could not be validated, you will receive a partial refund on the registration fee: the original price minus $125 will be refunded.

Dominion Registries (.autos, .boats, .homes, .motorcycles, .yachts)
Effective from the 1st of August as well, Dominion Registries will introduce a validation fee. The registry claims to be forced to this decision because 40% of the registration requests leads to a rejection.

For all these extensions, timely providing correct and complete information about the domain holder will ensure fast processing and reduce the risk of failed validations.

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