Premium domains at extraordinary prices

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This summer we sell extraordinary names at extraordinary prices: the registration of selected premium domain names is available with 25% discount until 30 September 2019


The TLDs that participate in this promotion:
Generics: .work, .vip, .casa, .country, .luxe, .nrw, .kiwi
Geographics: .london, .miami, .boston, .bayern
Lifestyle: .fit, .yoga, .surf, .art
Consumer Interests: .fashion, .wedding, .cooking, .beer, .vodka, .video
The Great Outdoors: .fishing, .garden, .horse, .rodeo
Legal Professional: .law, .abogado


To give you an idea of the prices, we have hand-picked some of the most interesting domains and the most interesting part is that the prices will be the same for all resellers in all tiers and all memberships.


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