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Openprovider relaunched SpamExperts

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SpamExpertsSpamExperts spam-filtering is now available again for purchasing from Openprovider control panel. As our contractual conditions with SpamExperts have changed we are not selling spam-filters in bundles anymore, but from now only on per domain. We now also offer e-mail archiving, together with incoming and outgoing mail filtering which we offered before. Customers with active membership will get spam-filter for 0.99*€ per domain per month for incoming or outgoing mail filtering.

Longstanding customers with bulk spam filters still active can keep them within the old pricing, even though no bundle upgrades are possible.

*For different type of memberships there are limitations on the number of operations with spam-filter that are included within the membership plan. For more details on the limitations please check our Membership Plans page or contact our sales or support department.

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