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New ICANN transfer/trade policy applicable to .co and .us as well

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open_CanvisCOUS_NEWSAs from the 1st of February 2017, the .co and .us registries will adopt the new transfer policy of ICANN integrally. Any transfer or owner change in those ccTLDs will then follow the same steps as in a gTLD. This means that:

  • any transfer will start with an e-mail to the domain holder and administrative contact, asking for approval
  • any transfer request will time-out after 14 days if no explicit approval has been received
  • for any outgoing transfer, Openprovider will inform the domain holder by e-mail
  • any change to a domain holder’s name, company name or e-mail address will be handled through our designated agent; upon completion, both the previous and the new domain holder will be informed

You see that a lot of e-mails are involved in these processes. Take advantage from the advanced white label tools of Openprovider and experience the complete freedom in writing and formatting those e-mails, including multi-language tools, while remaining compliant with all ICANN policies. Need guidance? Take a look at our blog post!

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