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New accreditations: .asia, .in and other ccTLDs

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Openprovider is always working on new accreditations in order to provide our customers with the best possible price and service. On the 7th of June, we will activate our own accreditations for the following extensions:



.ag,,, and

.bz, and

.in,,,, and

.lc,,,, and


.sc,, and

.vc,, and

Member price

USD 10.18

USD 75.00

USD 50.00

USD 17.00

USD 35.00

INR 350

INR 250

USD 18.00

USD 13.00

USD 35.00

USD 75.00

USD 25.00

These prices are valid for registration, transfer and renewal for Domain and Supreme Members. The prices for other transactions and tiers can be found from the 7th of June on our website or in your control panel.

Most important changes

The most important changes are the following:

  • Many second level domains (like have been added.
  • All these extensions will be added to our Domain Memberships.
  • For .in (India) domains, the currency changes from USD to Indian rupee (INR). At the current exchange rate, 1 euro converts to approximately 75 rupee.
  • For .asia domains, we have always included a trustee service automatically. From the 7th of June onwards, we will disconnect the trustee service from the domain registration. That means that you can choose whether or not to use our trustee service (price: USD 2,00 per domain per year). If you do not want to use it, simply disable it, but note that one of the domain contacts must be a legal entity in the Asia/Pacific region, or the administrative contact must have a postal address in this region. Additional fields may be required which will be listed in our API documentation soon.

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