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If not .com, then what? How to pick a domain extension

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In this series of blog posts, Openprovider helps you choose the best domain name for your business. While in our previous article, we went over business names, today we are going to talk about the equally important part behind the dot: how to pick a domain extension.

Domain extensions: a quick introduction

.com is arguably the most well-known domain extension in the world. Out of the 350.5 million registered domains on the Internet, a whopping 161.3 million ends in .com! The next most popular domain, .cn, is used “only” 20.6 million times, showing how common .com truly is. The list of most popular domain extensions is further completed by .de (17.2 M), .net (13.4 M), and .uk (11.1 M).

Many business owners choose a .com domain because of its popularity. Other common domain extensions include .org, .net, and .info. All of these extensions are examples of gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains).

Domain extensions that are restricted to a particular country are called ccTLDs (country code Top Level Domains). To Google or other search engines, these domains indicate that the content on this website is relevant only to a particular geographic area. Examples of ccTLDs include .nl, .be, .pl and .es. Using these particularly makes sense if your business activity is limited to one country.

There are some ccTLDs that are often used as a gTLD. Examples of these include .co, .ai, .io, and .tv, and they are particularly popular among start-ups and tech companies. In these cases, the ccTLD is “treated” as a generic TLD, even though all of these were originally restricted to one particular country.

4 tips to pick a domain beyond .com and .net

But what if none of these domains are available anymore? Or what if you are looking for a domain name that stands out from the crowd a little (or a lot?)? Luckily, there is a lot more to choose from! At Openprovider, we’ve got you covered with these four tips to pick a different domain extension.

Domains based on your business type

What is your business type? There are many original domains to choose from that tie in with the product or service that you are offering. What about .coffee for a cafe, .art to showcase your artist portfolio, .fm for a radio station, or .app for a website promoting an application you have created? 

If this is the road you want to go, there are dozens of options to choose from. You can consult this Knowledge Base page with the full list of options. Scroll down to All active gTLDs at a glance>Currently in General Availability.

Be aware that sometimes, these types of gTLDs demand new applicants to possess certain qualifications in order to register them. To apply for a .law domain, for example, you need to be able to prove that you are a registered legal professional.

Location-specific domains

Where is your business located? Openprovider offers a wide array of location-specific domain extensions, and your city may well be among them. With a domain name like, no one can doubt where your business is at.

Our options stretch across the entire world: from Kyoto to Abu-Dhabi and from Barcelona to Boston. Good to know: local SEO results may also go up if you use the location of your business in your domain or subdomain!

Don’t want to limit your domain name to just one city? You can still get global with an extension like .asia, .world, or .earth

Check if the area of your choice is on the list through this Knowledge Base page. Scroll down to All active gTLDs at a glance>Currently in General Availability>Geographic.

.eco – a sustainable domain

Are you working in the area of sustainability? .eco might be a great option for you! .eco is a special gTLD for businesses and nonprofits working in sustainability and environmental protection.

If you decide to register a .eco domain, you need to take a pledge that you are working towards generating and promoting sustainability and that you are openly disclosing the actions you are taking towards achieving this. Moreover, you automatically become a part of the .eco community, where you can connect with like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs!

Something a little different

Last but not least, we’ve got our “quirky” gTLDs! They might not be a fit for everyone, but they do make your website stand out! No one is quick to forget a domain name that ends in .love, .ninja, .lol, .wtf or .ooo.

Ready to choose a domain?

Feeling inspired? Check if the domain extension of your choice is available in our nifty tool below:

Can’t choose just yet?

You can consult a full list of all of our currently available extensions in our Knowledge Base. With over 2000 domain extensions to choose from, we are sure the perfect fit for your business will be there. 

Did you find the perfect domain name? Please make sure that you are comfortable with the pricing of the chosen extension. There might be a difference between the registration price and the renewal price, which comes into effect after the first year.

Luckily, Openprovider is fully transparent about our pricing. You can easily review the renewal price before you make a decision on your purchase. We also do our best to keep the renewal price as low as possible.

Don’t waste more time and register your domain today!

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