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What are .es domains

The .es domain is a country-specific extension for businesses serving across Spain or targeting Spanish customers. Having a .es domain extension implies that your website belongs to an important community with a strong identity. If a website owner has links with Spain or the Hispanic culture, registering an .es domain is a recommended choice.

Where did the .es domain come from?

The .es domain was created in the early days of the digital revolution in April 1988 and was administered by the Network Information Center of Spain. Currently, it is managed by Like the other second-level domain extensions, .es also had some restrictions, which were later lifted in a multi-stage process completed by the end of 2005. There are already 2 million+ .es domains registered. 

What is the purpose of the .es domain name?

The primary purpose of the .es domain is to allow an individual or a business entity to showcase its belonging with Spain. An .es domain extension allows Spanish-speaking people to discover your website easily. The main intention behind the development of the .es domain extension was to create a country-specific extension for businesses and individuals targeting Spanish consumers and visitors. It also makes it simple for an organization to appear in Spanish-language search engine results.

.es domain features:

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