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What are .com domains

The .com domain is a Top Level Domain extension with almost 160 million names registered worldwide. It is by far the most popular TLD in the world, whereas the second one (.de) reaches only 16 million active domains

Where did the .com domain come from?

January 1, 1985 is the day of implementation of the Domain Name System administered by the U.S. Department of Defense. It is the starting day of not only the .com but of all domain names we are using today. Later on the administration of the .com domain went to Verisign and registrations are made by registrars that are accredited by ICANN. The oldest .com domains are registered March 15, 1985 and registered April 24, 1985 and both are still active to this day.

What is the purpose of the .com domain name?

The initial intention was to create an extension for commercial use, and this is the origin of the .com name. But since the mid-1990s most restrictions for registering it were dropped and the domain was opened to the public. Obviously, it is very popular among businesses for commercial purposes, but we can find examples of its use for almost anything. Blogs, news sites, communities, and many more. It is an undisputed champion of the domain name world, even introducing the .biz in 2001 has had no significant impact on its popularity.

The three most expensive domain names ever sold are all .coms: for $30 million, for $17 million and for $13 million. When checking the whole list of the most expensive domain names, we can easily notice that the .com is completely dominating it.

.com domain features:

DNS Management


Whois Privacy Protection

Domain Forwarding


Domain Lock

Alternative Domain TLDS

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