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New contact type: abuse

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In our ongoing efforts to improve the communication channels within the Openprovider platform, we have released a new contact type that you can optionally add to your reseller account. The abuse contact will be used to inform you about any complaint or legal inquiry that users make one of your domain names.

AbuseCurrently, we automatically send abuse notifications  to the primary (administrative) contact of your account. However, we find that many resellers use this email as more a an automated bulk mailbox. As a result, complaints, abuse reports, or legal inquiries do not always receive the necessary priority. The addition of this new contact type will help solve this problem.

Your account can have a maximum of one abuse contact. If you would like multiple people to receive these e-mails, you can create a mailing list on your side, and use that e-mail address as a contact on your Openprovider account. The configuration of an abuse contact is optional. If you do not choose to add it, we will continue to deliver e-mails to the administrative contact.

You can add the abuse contact by logging in to your reseller account, and selecting the “Account” menu.

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