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Updates to our WHMCS domain module

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WHMCS domain module updatesWe have published an updated version of the Openprovider WHMCS domain module. This new version includes the features of PHP7 support, premium domain support and additional data support, along with optimisations and fixed bugs.

All previous module features are still supported. These include domain registration, modification, transfer, synchronisation, and so on.

Moreover, our WHMCS domain module has also received some new updates, which we expect you will find useful. The updates are as follows:

  1. Support for PHP 7.X and WHMCS 7.X.
  2. Option to sell premium domain using the module, as long as the Openprovider account currency and the WHMCS currency are the same.
  3. Module can now automatically generate all “additional data” collection fields for relevant TLDs, such as .es, .us, .ru, etc.
  4. Improved domain synchronisation.

On top of this, a number of issues from the previous module version were fixed, including:

  1. Fixed cases where unwanted empty sync e-mails were being sent.
  2. Fixed cases where unnecessary Openprovider handles were created upon domain registration or transfer.
  3. Implemented workaround of WHMCS’ incorrect handling of UTF-8 characters in domain names.
  4. Made improvements to handling of UTF-8 contact data.

The module is under active development, so we encourage you to watch the GitHub repository for the domain module.
We value your feedback on our WHMCS domain module, so we can use this for future updates. We encourage you to share your feedback with us, either on our GitHub repository, or via Openprovider support channels.

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