How we help resellers sell more with Openprovider

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At Openprovider we are a wholesale company, specially made for resellers. This means we offer domains at cost-price to resellers, so they can sell them to your end-users with competitive prices. We are truly focused on helping domain resellers by offering other products such as SSL certificates, and Plesk licenses at competitive prices, among other benefits. Let’s review the ways in which we help resellers sell more with Openprovider.

Types of resellers

Let’s start with the usual types of resellers that work with us. Normally, these are the types of resellers who typically buy from Openprovider:

  1. Hosting companies. Managing a domain portfolio with Openprovider is much easier than doing it all directly with registries.
  2. Digital Agencies. For these companies, domains are a side product that should be easily manageable and hassle-free.
  3. Web developers. No website exists without a domain name. With our free DNS hosting and other tools Openprovider offers, this is a good match.
  4. Office automation companies. Their core business is selling technical solutions like virtual workspaces and other cloud services to their customers. Domains are also part of that equation.


Then, how do we make sure resellers get the best possible solution in the market?

We do this by focusing on three core principles we have at Openprovider:

  • A business model based on memberships and domains at cost price. Resellers have to be very competitive in the market. We help them achieve this by offering them domains at our cost-price. This means we offer the same price we get from the registry, for a small annual fee. This saves them the complication of doing all integrations by themselves and also guarantees the best price possible.
  • A huge amount of constant innovation. Our team of more than 30 developers is constantly working on improving and maintaining everything our resellers need.
  • Excellent support. Anyone can say that about themselves, but our ratings show that we do it.  In the first place, we invest a lot in support and in making things better so our customers won’t need this support. In the last 4 years, our business doubled in size, but our support load decreased because we keep investing in reducing the need for support and making it easier for our customers to find solutions to their issues through our Knowledge Base. Although, we are always available for inquiries through our support channels.

We understand that for our resellers, domains are just a part of their total offering. Resellers typically upsell domains with web hosting, and security products like SSL certificates and site builders, among others. We also offer some of these products at great prices too, to increase their opportunities for making more profit. The more products and services a reseller sells, the lower the churn will be, and the bigger the profit. We know the retention of customers is much easier than getting new ones. This is why we always advise every reseller to implement customer retention programs to help avoid increasing churn.

We have a longstanding reputation for helping resellers grow their business. Two of the three customers that started using Openprovider in 2004 as resellers are still customers today. If you want to start a business in the domains industry, we’re here to help you grow. Sign up today.

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