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The i2Coalition is making the Internet a better place

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The Internet Infrastructure Coalition, better known as the i2Coalition, is a group of leading Internet companies that work together to advocate for policies that promote the global growth and development of the Internet. The coalition was formed in 2015 and is made up of over 75 member companies, including some of the biggest names in the tech industry such as Google, Amazon, GoDaddy, and Verisign.

The i2Coalition’s mission is to keep the Internet open for everyone as an engine for growth and innovation. The coalition is the leading voice for domain registrars and registries, web hosting companies, data centers, cloud infrastructure providers, and related tech companies. They advocate for policies that support innovation, the free flow of information, and the continued growth of the Internet’s infrastructure. 

The i2Coalition focuses on a range of issues that impact the Internet and its users, including data privacy, cybersecurity, intellectual property, trade, and cross-border data flows. Their work in this area includes addressing concerns around cybersecurity and developing policies that help to protect user privacy and data. 

As part of this collective, Internet infrastructure providers advocate for sensible policies, reinforce best practices, help create industry standards, and build awareness among legislators of how the Internet works. With the growing popularity of online services, as well as remote and hybrid work environments, the work of the i2Coalition in this area is now more important than ever.

Openprovider wholeheartedly supports the endeavors of the i2Coalition. As a domain registrar and a member of the i2Coalition, we see this work as essential to ensure that the Internet continues to thrive and benefit our customers, as well as the broader digital community. As a “people first” company, we believe it is vital for registrars to be involved in the community of the domain industry and work together.

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