Openprovider Domain module for WHMCS version 7.2

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WHMCS released version 7.2 on 16th of May. The Openprovider SSL and Domain modules are fully compatible with the latest release of WHMCS.

A new version of the Domain module has also been released, with new features and bug fixes which we hope you’ll find valuable. A special thank you to our active reseller community who have offered invaluable feedback for developing our Domain Module. We’re actively developing the Domain module, and we appreciate your bug reports and feature requests.

New features in the Domain module by Openprovider:

  • Automated purchase of Whois Privacy Protection (WPP) is now supported. Just enable “ID Protection” in WHMCS for any supported TLD.
  • Allows you to register domains using a custom DNS template. (RCP>DNS management>Manage DNS templates)
  • Sends email updates whenever the Openprovider DomainSync cron task updates domain details.
  • Renews domains which are still in soft quarantine automatically, reducing your manual work.
  • Domain expiration date in WHMCS can now be synced with an date offset from the Openprovider expiration date.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes bug with domain check availability, which caused errors for some users.
  • Fixes bug with DomainSync, which incorrectly synchronized domain expiration dates in certain cases.

As usual, please follow software delivery best practices when deploying the module. Carefully check functionality on your test environment, then go live. You can find the latest release on our github page, along with updated installation and use guide:

Direct download link: Download ZIP

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