How do resellers work?

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The domain industry is an ever growing market despite what other branches are doing. In times of economic crisis, there is room for growth. People try to get out of it by starting their own company. But you don’t need a global economic crisis to see the domain registration industry grow. In times of economic prosperity there’s room to expand or enough reserves are made to start a new company. In short, people will always need a web domain. That’s why there will always be room for successful resellers, the market keeps expanding. Let’s find out how resellers work to make the most out of their business.

Domain name resellers are agents who sell available domains to their clients. To make one thing clear from the start: these are not the well known domain speculators. The speculators buy domains that they hope will become popular at a later moment. If they think the granddaughter of Madonna will become a famous singer, they register and hope one day that granddaughter will need that domain, so the speculator can sell it for a lot of money.  Domain resellers don’t build websites hoping to sell them for a profit at some point. What they do is buying domain names off of registrars to sell those to their clients. This can be people who find it hard to set up their own website, or marketing agencies that offer their clientele more than just the branding. The customers of resellers need the domain name registration to set up the website for their own company, however big or small.

Benefits of becoming a reseller

There are many benefits to becoming a reseller. As mentioned in this article, a lot of resellers are actually doing it as a side job. But you can make a living of just reselling domain names. One of the biggest benefits of how resellers work is the freedom you enjoy. Resellers decide what domain extensions they offer. Obviously, the more you have in your portfolio, the bigger the chance that your clients will be satisfied. But you can easily start small, and then slowly but surely expand your offering. This makes the threshold for startup rather small.

Best practice is to start your own website and market it however you want. You can spend a large amount on Linkedin and Facebook advertising, or work your way up the ranking organically by optimizing the SEO on your page. Unlike any other business, the more customers you get the better your credibility, which will lead to even more customers. So once you get the ball rolling, things can really kick off.

Where to start?

If you want to know how resellers work, you need to find out how to start. You want to get in contact with a hosting company so you can offer that after you have sold the domain. We would also recommend keeping a close eye on our promotions page, so you know what extensions are on discount. It is up to you to calculate that discount to your customers, or decide to use that as an extra profit margin for yourself. Get a membership with us and you can get a large amount of extensions at cost price. What does this mean exactly?

It means you buy the domain names at the same price we get them from the registrars. We offer more than 200 extensions. This way, you can offer your customers exactly what they want, for the best price possible. But that’s not all. Besides the cheap extensions, you get large discounts on SSL-certificates, up to 70% even! And then there’s the discount on SpamExperts, and Plesk, and more. The amount of services you can offer your customers will help you market yourself better.

Who can be a domain reseller?

Basically anyone can become a reseller. As we’ve shown you here, there isn’t much needed to start your own business. Unlike becoming a registrar, where large investments are required to set up a company, a reseller does not require a big starting capital. In fact, a lot of people become reseller on the side. SEO specialists, marketing and/or web design agencies, and more. Many of them decided to add reselling of domain names to their services in order to better help their customers. If you want to know more about being a reseller on the side, make sure to check out this article.

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