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EasyDMARC now available at Openprovider

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EasyDMARC for domain resellers

We are pleased to inform you that, thanks to the cooperation with our partner EasyDMARC, we have added a new security product to Openprovider’s portfolio – EasyDMARC.

EasyDMARC is a powerful tool that makes DMARC, SPF, DKIM or BIMI records easy to manage and adjust to personal or your company needs. There are a number of features that make EasyDMARC stand out from the competition. We have listed them below.

EasyDMARC key features

AI-Powered Data Classification – Correct source identification is very important for DMARC deployment. It helps customers distinguish legitimate and trusted sending sources from non-trusted ones. 

Anomaly Detection – EasyDMARC ‘s AI-powered anomaly detection recognizes and informs/alerts owners about anomalies detected in their DMARC reported data. This is very useful for identifying targeted attacks, human errors in the infrastructure, and/or third-party service changes.

DMARC Advanced Filtering – The precise identification of details in aggregate data helps system administrators track down any possible issues. This results in a faster, easier, and hassle-free advancement of DMARC policy.

Custom Alerts – On top of its own alerting algorithms, EasyDMARC offers customers the ability to set up custom alerts that specify the importance and the category of the metrics to be monitored. 

Single Pane of Glass for Domain Management – Identifying problems, reporting, and management across hundreds of domains can prove to be difficult and time-consuming. EasyDMARC provides a single pane of glass to simplify and expedite the monitoring and control process. All while decreasing the time spent on DMARC deployments. 

Source Reputation Check – Sending source quality checks is a nightmare, especially for multiple domains and their associated services and IP addresses. EasyDMARC’s source reputation check automatically detects sending sources and performs checks to alert administrators of important changes. This allows checking IP address or domain name correlation against popular blacklists, as well as the delisting of blacklisted IPs to boost domain reputation.

Industry-leading BIMI Implementation Tools – BIMI allows an organization to accompany the “from” address with a brand logo. BIMI is a standard, currently supported by Google and Yahoo. Implementing it reduces the chances of spam complaints while adding an important element of trust to an organization. 

How can you activate EasyDMARC?

There are currently two options available to activate EasyDMARC subscription for your domains:

  1. When you register a new domain in the Reseller Control Panel, simply select the EasyDMARC checkbox and it will be added to your order. Once the domain is active, we will automatically activate it at EasyDMARC and add the CNAME record to your DNS zone.
  1. For domains you already manage, you can activate EasyDMARC in the Reseller Control Panel. Simply go to the selected domain dashboard, find EasyDMARC on the list of available add-ons and click on “Enable”. Your domain will be added to EasyDMARC. We will add the CNAME record to your DNS zone (if you are using our DNS) or you will be asked to add the CNAME record manually in your DNS zone.

What is the EasyDMARC specification offered at Openprovider?

As for now, we are offering one package with the below feature set. Please remember that with one subscription you can protect one domain:

25.000 emails / month
1 Domain
1 User
1 month data history
Hosted DMARC
Email investigation
Phishing URL check
Aggregated reports (RUA)
Blacklist check
Email vendor identification
Basic weekly email reports
Reputation monitoring

*The above specification will evolve in the future.

The promotional pricing for EasyDMARC varies, depending on if you are a Member or not: 

  • Members: 6.46 USD / month.
  • Non-members: 8.99 USD / month.

Where can I find more information about EasyDMARC?

We have created a number of Knowledge Base articles that provide more detailed descriptions about EasyDMARC’s features. Moreover, you can find the answers to the most important questions about EasyDMARC on a special FAQ page.

What are the next plans regarding EasyDMARC?

In the near future we will add EasyDMARC to Openprovider’s API and WHMCS module. Also, additional subscription plans will be added to support features not present in the basic plans. These will include the option to manage multiple domains with one subscription, higher email limits and more. Moreover, we will add a dedicated management page for EasyDMARC in the Openprovider Reseller Control Panel. Here, you will be able to manage all your subscriptions in one place and order new ones for any domain you wish. Even for ones outside Openprovider!

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