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New security products at Openprovider

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We’ve added three new products to our offer of security solutions: S/MIME, Code Signing, and EasyDMARC.

Security is now more important than ever, and we therefore want you to be able to benefit from the best security solutions currently available. We believe that these three new products will help you diversify your revenue streams while staying on top of trends in the market.

In this post, we are introducing you to our three new security products: S/MIME, Code Signing, and EasyDMARC. Also, do not forget to scroll on to get to know our new free security tool. This fast and completely free tool lets you check the safety of any of your domains in a few clicks!


S/MIME by Sectigo ensures that all emails you send and receive are safe. Using S/MIME certificates means that you are protecting your email servers from a host of potential vulnerabilities. This security product works as a great defense against hackers, data breaches, phishing, malware, and unauthorized changes to your email content.

Besides this, you can also use S/MIME certificates for the end-to-end encryption of your emails, including their attachments. This includes Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents. When you use S/MIME certificates, third parties cannot intercept any of the emails you are sending, nor read any email content that is stored on your server. If a third party would interfere with your emails or their attachments, the email would fail validation and you will automatically receive a warning to take further steps.

The usage of S/MIME certificates also helps companies stay compliant with important security and privacy requirements, such as the GDPR.

You can purchase S/MIME certificates for periods of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. S/MIME certificates by Sectigo are trusted by all major email clients and internet browsers.

Code Signing

Code Signing certificates by Sectigo are the ideal solution for software developers looking to digitally sign their scripts and products. These publicly trusted X.509 certificates let end users of your products know that they are safe to use and that third parties cannot alter the code. It also makes it easier and faster for end users to install your software and get to using it. The downloads of software protected with Code Signing will automatically be trusted by all major browsers.

Code Signing also helps verify and authenticate your identity as a developer. And it has a positive effect on your reputation in Microsoft SmartScreen, which can be tricky to boost.

Code Signing certificates by Sectigo meet CA/Browser Forum authentication standards as well as Microsoft specifications. This security product is compatible with all major 32-bit and 64-bit formats. It also includes a timestamp functionality for continued operation, even after the Code Signing certificate has expired.


EasyDMARC helps you protect your domain on a whole new level. This security product makes it almost impossible for hackers to send emails from your domain. Using EasyDMARC adds an important level of trust to your brand for your customers, as it shows that privacy is a top priority to you. EasyDMARC lets you monitor who is using your email server, such as your marketing and customer support teams, while easily blacklisting any activity that you do not want to be there. The easy setup and competitive pricing make this a winning product to add to your offer.

We currently offer EasyDMARC Basic, which includes protection for one domain and up to 25,000 emails per month. In the future, we aim to diversify our offer by introducing packages for multiple domains and for domains registered outside of Openprovider. We recommend you to sign up for our newsletter and regularly check our blog to keep up with the latest updates!

Try our free security scan

Now that you have learned about our new security products, why not try out our new, free security scanner?

Our easy-to-use security scan checks the safety of your domain based on four key components: domain security, connection security, email security, and security options. In case our scanner determines that you could make some improvements, you will receive personalized recommendations in each category.

Best of all: our scanner is completely free!

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