S/MIME and Code Signing certificates

Are you looking for a secure email certificate or a digital signature for your software? S/MIME and Code Signing certificates by Sectigo are now available at Openprovider.

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Why should you get an S/MIME certificate?

90% of data breaches in 2021 were caused by an email scam. Phishing, spoofing and business email compromises can make your business lose customers, money, and most importantly trustworthiness. S/MIME is the best security solution to protect your corporate email account.

An S/MIME certificate gives your contacts the security that your emails were genuinely sent by you. All emails you send will display a checkmark icon. This identifies the sender as authentic and the email as unmodified and encrypted, including its attachments. If an email or its attachments are altered in any way, it will fail validation and the receiving user will automatically receive a warning.

Get your S/MIME certificate

You can buy an S/MIME certificate for a period of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. S/MIME certificates are trusted by all major email clients and internet browsers. You can easily order yours through the certificate panel in the Openprovider control panel. Prices start at €16.00 per year.

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Why should you get a Code Signing certificate?

Buying software can be like a vicious circle. Before anyone chooses to download software, they need to know two things. They need to know that this software is developed by a trustworthy party, and they need to know that it does not contain any kind of virus or malware.

If someone tries to download software from an unknown developer, they will receive a warning and likely not go through with the download.

But if no one downloads your software, your reputation will also never improve.

What does a Code Signing certificate do?

A Code Signing certificate attaches a digital signature to your work. This means that it will:

Verify that you are the authentic owner of the software.

Reduce the number of security warnings that your customers see.

Improve your reputation as a developer.

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Get your Code Signing certificate

Code Signing Certificates by Sectigo can sign programs across Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Authenticode, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe AIR, Java and Mozilla. They meet CA/Browser Forum authentication standards, as well as Microsoft specifications, and support all major 32-bit/64-bit formats. Additionally, they include a timestamp functionality for continued operation even after the code signing certificate has expired.

You can easily order your certificate through the Openprovider control panel. Prices start at €74.33 per year. Don’t lose this chance to protect your code, improve your developer reputation and gain more customer trust.

*Prices displayed here may vary slightly based on current conversion rates. Please review your final order summary before completing your purchase.

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