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Meet Team Openprovider: Marianna

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meet team openprovider: marianna

Have you ever been curious to meet the people behind the domains? In this series of blog posts, we are introducing you to various members of our global, fully remote team.

This week, we are introducing you to Marianna (38), our Lead Product Manager for Domains & DNS!

Tell us something about yourself!

I grew up in a cozy city on Crete’s west side, Chania. While I think of it as home, others see it as this awesome vacation spot in Greece. So, if you’re into lovely beaches, nature, and some great food, you might wanna drop by sometime!

Right now, I’m living the Shanghai life with my husband. He’s teaching and diving deep into research here. We do jump around a lot though—whether it’s for a work trip, some slow travel, or chilling with family back in Greece and Italy.

My dive into the domain names world started in 2007. I tried remote working for the first time in 2012 when I was juggling between work and my master’s in Communication Science in the Netherlands. When I’m not working, you’ll find me digging into business reads, practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or just out and about cycling and exploring Shanghai with my hubby. Since we both spend a considerable amount of time in front of a screen, we try to keep ourselves moving, lifting weights, training basketball together (me struggling), and choosing to walk or cycle to our destination over driving.

What does an average day in your role look like?

Given I work with folks from all over the world, I’ve set up my schedule around that and my own downtime. This flexibility is a game-changer and keeps me on my toes and happy.

First things first—I check in with my team and catch up on Jira, email, and Slack.

Our product squad has a daily sync, where we chat about what’s on the plate for the day, the goals, and any roadblocks. I’m also always planning, tweaking, and chatting with other teams about our products and customers.

There’s also a lot of focused strategic work, research time, and syncing with fellow product managers from other teams.

Which achievement (of yourself, your team, or the company) are you most proud of?

Achievement is in the eye of the observer! It’s not just about one big “win”. But since you’re asking, I’m kind of proud of how I eased into Openprovider and took some stuff off my team’s plate.

I’ve been pushing for interesting talks, positive changes, and just generally making our team’s day a bit better.

I’m also very proud of the research I initiated on our customers, several may have noticed a survey going around. This has given me and my team invaluable feedback and a clear view of the goals and challenges customers face in their day-to-day work.

Details matter a lot, and I love how we’re all about bringing data and quality to every little thing we do.

What are your favorite things about working remotely? And is there something you like less about it?

My favorite part of working remotely is that I am able to work from anywhere. I’ve lived in the Netherlands and Spain for 2 years each, slowly traveled the world, and spent a full year doing the nomad life switching countries and chasing summer. I wouldn’t be able to even imagine such a lifestyle without remote work.

Personally, I find myself more productive and sharp when the environment around me is changing. I’m all about those café vibes or co-working spaces.

When I don’t move around the globe, too much screen time and extended work hours from home can sneak in. Covid was a difficult time for me. So, maintaining a healthy routine, getting regular exercise, and socializing with friends I believe is the key to being happy when working remotely.

What do you like the most about working at Openprovider?

Openprovider is a melting pot of diverse cultures with an emphasis on independence. It’s a paradise for doers and self-motivated individuals who hate micromanagement and love taking on challenges head-on. I’m lucky I have found a few people that I trust, and that our style and values match.

However, a fully remote place like Openprovider requires you to be proactive, self-motivated, and curious, which can be challenging for many people. It’s the kind of place where you’re encouraged to bring your ‘A’ game every day, and honestly, that’s what makes it exciting!

Finally, shoutout to the members of my tribe—brainstorming ideas or tackling challenges becomes way more fun and insightful with you great people around 🙂

Are you interested in joining our fun, multicultural, and fully remote team? Check out our current job openings here.

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