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Meet Team Openprovider: Kethushan

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meet team openprovider: kethushan

Have you ever been curious to meet the people behind the domains? In this series of blog posts, we are introducing you to various members of our global, fully remote team.

This week, we are introducing you to Kethushan (22), one of our Recruiters!

Tell us something about yourself!

My name is Kethushan and I’m working as a recruiter at Openprovider. I’m currently in the final year of my bachelor’s degree in business management. I’m a karate player and a coach, and I’m currently taking some junior classes and preparing myself for next year’s competitions. And, by the way, I live in Sri Lanka!

What does a typical day in your role look like?

My average day involves a lot of calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages. As I’m responsible for most of the Sri Lankan employees, I also usually deal with some HR-related queries in my day-to-day responsibilities. Other than that, tasks like organizing meet-ups, and employee kits and taking care of certain documents are also on my table.

Which achievement (of yourself, your team, or the company) are you most proud of?

I’m truly proud to be a member of the awesome people team. They never let me down and they are always there to pat my shoulder and offer me help whenever I need it. Some achievements I am proud of are creating an employee handbook, which is very interesting and comical, and being able to close some hard-to-close roles in the organization. I’m also very proud of the fact that I’m helping people land jobs and that I’m creating an impact in their lives.

What are your favorite things about working remotely? And is there something you like less about it?

Everything is awesome about working remotely! You don’t need to travel or waste any time on your commute. Working from home also allows me to create a personal space where I can manage my life and desires on my own terms. And, most importantly, it saves a lot of money!

Sometimes we don’t feel the human connection at work, as we are all working with computers, and that’s normal. In my case, however, those feelings were minimized when Openprovider started providing us with an opportunity to meet our colleagues from Sri Lanka once per quarter.

What do you like the most about working at Openprovider?

In 3 simple words: flexibility, care, and the most interesting colleagues!

Are you interested in joining our fun, multicultural, and fully remote team? Check out our current job openings here.

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