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ISP BillManager 5 plugin for domains

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We are happy to publish our new ISP BillManager 5 plugin for an easy integration with Openprovider’s domains module. The plugin is delivered in PHP, and it is regularly updated and validated with every new BillManager release. This means our customers will be able to safely install BillManager’s regular updates and patches. The source code of this plugin is available on Openprovider’s GitHub page. It is also supplemented with plugin installation instructions.

BillManager 5 from ISP Systems is a billing automation and service provisioning system for web hosting and cloud providers. It is particularly popular in Russia and countries of Eastern Europe. Among the features of BillManager 5 are automatic and manual invoicing, the availability of more than 30 popular payment options, and the possibility of an integrated ticketing and live chat system for customer support.

This plugin offers a great amount of customizable options for your customer’s needs and demands. It is also considered very secure. BillManager 5 automatically blocks brute force logins and uses two-factor authentication to protect user and customer data.

ISP BillManager 5 is just one of the few WHMCS plugins that is offered by Openprovider. Learn more about the various plugins that we offer here.

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