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Aftermarket domains from Afternic now available

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aftermarket domains from afternic now available through openprovider

Last month, we released the feature to buy aftermarket domains listed on Sedo directly through Openprovider. When we announced this, we already mentioned that we were working on integrating more aftermarket platforms within our platform. We are excited to announce that, from now on, you will be able to purchase domains from Afternic as well as from Sedo through our platform.

Afternic is one of the biggest aftermarket players in the domain industry. You can now buy domains listed on Afternic straight through the Openprovider control panel, our website, and our API. After your purchase, your new domain will be added to your account. 

Domain owners can choose to sell their own domains through Afternic both for a fixed price and through an auction. It is only possible to buy aftermarket domains with fixed prices (no auctions) through Openprovider. If you make a winning bid on a domain in the auction, you will still need to follow the usual process and transfer this domain to Openprovider yourself after the auction is finalized.

Many available aftermarket domains are premium domain names. Premium domain names can be a truly valuable asset for both domain resellers and end users. These domains are often short and paired with high-demand TLDs (such as .com). Premium domain names are not only catchy and memorable but also contain valuable keywords. These will make the right website or business rank highly in search engines.

We recommend you take advantage of the large number of domains that will be available to you through Afternic. For frequently asked questions and API integration details, please check our Knowledge Base. If you have any other questions or feedback about this new feature, please contact our support team. They will be happy to assist you with your questions.

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