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If you’re looking for a new job and are thinking about starting a business for yourself, then you might want to consider becoming a domain reseller. Who is a reseller, you might ask. A reseller of domains helps their clients to find the domain name registration they need for their business. 

You could become a reseller fulltime and focus all your time on this. We have seen that a lot of resellers actually combine this work with their actual job. SEO specialists, marketing agencies, and even the local IT guy, they all see the importance of getting the right web domain name registered. If they can offer this for their customers, it’s a great service to stand out from the competition, plus they’re making extra money.

How would a marketing agent become a reseller?

Registering a domain name sounds easier for a lot of people than it is. Yet, it is often a vital part of setting up a business. A dairy farmer in a small German village might not understand anything related to SSL certificates or DNS servers. All they want is a web page where they can share their different dairy products, the opening hours and instructions for how to get to the farm and maybe, if they’re feeling bold, a web shop where customers can buy the special milk directly online and have it sent.

However, running an online website is something completely different than running a farm. So what does this farmer do? Get help. Small marketing agencies have lots of customers like this. They need someone to set up their website, create the content, help uploading images, and to find the right domain name for their web page. Who is a reseller? Any marketing agent that helps their customer get a good domain name for their website.

The importance of a good domain name is also well known amongst SEO specialists. Moz, a leading SEO blogger, mentions in this article why and how to get a good domain name for a business. The best domain name for any company has to be memorable and make use of keywords without being too stuffed with keywords. SEO specialists will run into customers who could really benefit from migrating their website to a different, better domain.

Again, being able to offer that service is a lot better than just pointing this out to your customer. After a URL migration, an SEO specialist wants to stay up-to-date with the ranking of the most important keywords, so it is in their own benefit to be a reseller and get the domain registrations themselves.

But what if I’m not any of those?

No problem at all! As mentioned above, you can easily become a full time reseller of domain names. In this article about how resellers work, we explain that it doesn’t take too much effort and money to start your own reselling business. All you need to start is a website where you show your possible clients what you have to offer. If you decide to work with Openprovider, you can mention all the different extensions your clients can get. The broader your offer, the more chance you get in gaining new customers.

With the right type of marketing, your business can expand rapidly. Before you know it, you’re working full time registering domain names for your clients. So you really don’t have to be a marketing agent or SEO specialist. If you want to become a reseller, you can. So the next time you ask yourself “Who is a reseller?” you’ll know it could be you. 

Check out our page on memberships, so you know how much money you can save if you start your reselling business via Openprovider. Make sure to also take a look at the other products and services you can offer your clients. For more information on how to become a reseller and work with Openprovider, we advise you to read about the obligations in our Knowledge Base.

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