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Whatever your idea is, you start believing with .mx!

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.mx domain, the ccTLD for MexicoIf you want to break open a new market, why not start with a big one? Now is the moment to explore some ideas south of the border. .mx, the domain extension representing Mexico, is only $9.00 for the month of November 2017. So all domain names with this extension are now cheaper than ever.

The promotion runs until the end of April. This is your chance to put in a large order and save money in the process. Openprovider is happy to help our customers reach their goals.

This .mx domain promotion is valid for all Membership owners. It is applicable to new registrations of 1 year only.

Mexico is a fast-growing economy and more than 70% of its population is using the Internet. That makes for over 90 million Internet users (out of almost 130 million citizens) and 100 million distinct social media profiles. That makes the Mexican market a great one to dive into for resellers. As more and more Mexican citizens are predicted to start using the Internet, the number of .mx domains will undoubtedly grow.

Enjoy this .mx domain promotion while it lasts! If you have any questions about this promotion or others, our support team is always happy to assist you.

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