Tucows purchases eNom from Rightside

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OpenSRS-enomA significant movement in the field of domain registrars: Tucows, also known under the name of its reseller branche OpenSRS, has purchased eNom, Rightside’s domain name division, for 83.5 million dollars. The agreement was reached on 20 January, and it means that 14.5 million domains and 28,000 distributors have been added to Tucows’ business.

This acquisition ranks Tucows second in the market, with 29 million domains managed, below GoDaddy, which manages 55 million domains.

Both companies have not yet disclosed what their combined strategy will be. Do you still have domains at eNom or OpenSRS? Know that Openprovider has tools for easy consolidation.

We continue to grow

At Openprovider, we have just registered our millionth domain – a milestone that we have achieved thanks to our thousands of customers. We strive to provide the maximum number of extensions for our customers, and we have over 1.500 different extensions.

With our cost pricing policy, we aim to help you position yourself in the internet business. As a customer of Openprovider, you do not have to provide accreditation in all the domains and registries that you want to offer. Our products are at cost price – the same price you would obtain if you were accredited, but without the problems involved in having to manage so many accreditations, suppliers and invoices.

If you have not yet activated your Membership Plan, now is the perfect time to do so! Log in using the Openprovider control panel and activate it now.

We have specific tools to consolidate domains from these registrars. So if you want to transfer your domain portfolio to Openprovider, please take a look at our blog article Struggling with consolidating your domain portfolio?, or contact our sales department at sales@openprovider.com.

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