Openprovider’s statement on Net4India’s current situation

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The past few days some inaccurate news has been spread regarding Openprovider and Net4India, that might have reached you and that might have made you question our commercial relationship.

We at Openprovider provide service to 7500+ resellers across the globe with excellent quality support. Currently, we manage over 2 million domains through our all-in-one platform and have become a consistent top performer for .in extension in India, working together closely with Net4India for over 4 years.

Honoring our commitment to being transparent, we see it as our duty to take the time to share with you the steps that have led to this miscommunication, which has already escalated to various complaints and abuse reports.

Net4India’s CEO Mr. Jasjit Swahaney informed us that due to lockdown limitations enabled to reduce the current COVID outbreak, Net4India’s call center had been shut down for a couple of weeks. Because of these circumstances:

  • Customers phone inquiries could not be answered,
  • Domain renewals could not be completed, due to an error on Net4India’s system, and many websites went offline.
  • Emails sent to support were not answered and were escalated to us, as we are publicly recognized as the registrars of many of these domains.
  • Following this, Openprovider,  could not assist with these escalations, as the registrant’s domain information did not match in some cases, as the procedure requires.

However, we want to emphasize that this situation has occurred exclusively due to the particular circumstances 2020’s pandemic has brought and that the operations and attention of Net4India have always been diligent, as well as our commercial relationship with the company.

While Net4India takes full responsibility for the lacking communication on this matter, Openprovider will provide support in the best way possible during the escalation process, even when this might not be necessary as Net4India’s support department is back in business, operating normally, with their usual response times.

As part of our commitment to provide the best support and service to our customers, in order to help them grow, we will be reviewing the procedures and communication together in order to avoid any similar situations in the future.

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