Top up your account automatically!

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Top up your openprovider account automatically!

You have probably been wondering how can you automatically top up your account every month, or when your balance drops below a certain threshold. Our Control Panel has a functionality called Recurring Payments that allows you to do so. 

Recurring Payments helps you set an automatic top up under two possible conditions:

  • Schedule a payment every “X” days – for instance, every 7 or 30 days,
  • Or, automatically top up your account when the balance drops below a certain threshold – for instance, topping up your account with 50€ each time the balance drops below 10€.

What are the available payment methods?

You can immediately create a recurring payment using a Credit Card. We optionally offer you the possibility of using SEPA Direct Debits for your recurring payments, reach out to our Support Team or to your Account Manager to find out how to use Direct Debits for recurring payments in your account!Do you want to know more about Recurring Payments? Check out this article on our Knowledge Base.

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