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SMBinvoices Updates

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Web services for accounts payable processing now available in the RCP

Our team continues to work on services which make accounts payable processing easier.

SMBinvoices, the accounts payable processing web application for small and medium companies is now available in the Reseller Control Panel (RCP). This service uses self-learning assisting robots to make accounts payable processing cheaper and easier, with a comfortable and flexible workflow, invoice archiving function and automatic invoice recognition.

API service for automatic invoice recognition is now available for testing

Working with feedback from our customers, we found out that many companies want to use our invoice recognition service with a dedicated API. We have build a service that will allow any company to integrate their own software with our self-learning robots to convert invoices received from suppliers into structured data. The service is currently available in test mode.

We have also developed a PHP client for customers who use PHP.

Currently our research team is focused on training robots to extract as much data from invoices as possible. We released a few new features in February, so now the robots can extract the following data from electronic invoices:

  • document total amount
  • document number
  • invoice date
  • invoice due date
  • sender IBAN
  • payment reference in OGM-VCS format (Belgium)
  • identify the document type (invoice, credit note, receipt or other)


Our ambitious goal is to build software which processes 95% of all accounts payable without human involvement.

We invite companies who want to take part in testing and improving this service. To find out more about the service and related requirements, and get the API security key to join the testing, please contact us by e-mail

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