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Winning with sports-related domain extensions

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According to Hubspot, it only takes a tenth of a second to make a first impression. In the attention economy, there are no second chances. The domain extension world is no different, especially when it comes to niche yet competitive top-level domains such as sports and fitness-related TLDs. If your customer’s domain name doesn’t immediately resonate with their audience, they face an uphill battle from the start.

The digital identity of a business and, in turn, its personality must therefore stand out and inspire confidence. Domain names are a simple way for your customers to make their brand unforgettable. The calendar for the months ahead, meanwhile, shows that a summer of sports awaits, and it should be no surprise for resellers to see the growing number of sporting organizations and professionals looking to invest in sports-related TLDs. 

With the eyes of the world on the 2024 European Championships, Tour de France, Paris Olympic Games, and many other top-class sporting events, the following are just a few examples of sports TLDs that look likely to be popular additions to the portfolio of domain resellers:

  • .sport
  • .football
  • .club
  • .fitness
  • .coach

Sport and fitness-related domain extensions represent a major opportunity for your customers to develop a strong and secure digital identity beyond .com extensions. And as SEO education around the area of TLD increases, more potential customers will understand that .com and  .org extensions are not treated more favorably when compared to the likes of .club and .football when it comes to SEO ranking. 

In the mass-media and digital marketing age, domain extensions such as .sport and .fitness have a unique opportunity to stand out especially when it comes to marketing materials such as fitness class fliers or sports club brochures. Terms such as fitness and wellness are perceived by many with positive, motivational connotations and a sporty TLD could be the small detail that makes all the difference for converting prospects. 

Beyond the imminent summer of sports, resellers should be paying attention to the continuing global wellness market boom which is showing no signs of slowing down. The fragmentation of the media landscape is paving the way for independent entities and bloggers to create a strong online presence.This trend will only increase the demand for TLDs such as .football, .cycling, .fitness, and .club to help them stand out in a highly competitive environment.

TLDs and the wellness market

According to McKinsey’s report on the Global Wellness Market in 2024, 82% of US consumers now consider wellness a top or important priority in their everyday lives. The volume of online content and content providers will increase in order to meet the demand for guidance and tips around nutrition, exercise programs, and online fitness classes. To this end, domain resellers with sport-related TLDs in their portfolio look well-positioned to take advantage of the momentum. 

With our new Summer of Sports TLD offers, Openprovider helps you stay ahead of the trend while increasing your competitiveness. This latest TLD promotion is here to celebrate a summer that promises to be jam-packed with top-quality action and moments that will become part of sporting history. 

We have several unique TLDs related to each of the major sporting events like the European Championships and the Paris Olympic Games – all you have to do is choose the ones you feel will perform best among your customers. What’s more, we are also offering huge discounts for those who have signed up to our flexible subscription-based Membership Program

Openprovider Members get domain transactions at cost-price, as well as huge discounts on TLDs when it comes to promotions such as the Summer of Sport offers. Members also have access to a portfolio of added-value solutions such as SSL certificates and marketing support via our MDF program. 

These sales enablement tools have been designed to help our reseller partners sell faster while reducing their expenses (with cost-price transactions) to increase their margins. 

As Openprovider celebrates 20 years as a leading domain registrar, this latest TLD promotion once again demonstrates our commitment to providing resellers with the perfect products at the right time – and with a reduced cost. 

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