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Why resellers need Premium DNS

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Security has never been as important as it is right now, and your customers are aware of that. To succeed as a reseller, you need to be able to offer the right security products. That’s why, at Openprovider, we have partnered up with Sectigo to extend our offering of products with Premium DNS. Premium DNS helps you create a new revenue stream and gain your customer’s loyalty by offering a top-of-the-market DNS and security solution.

Why Premium DNS?

All domains that you purchase at Openprovider already come with a free DNS zone included. Our free DNS service comes with easy management through our Reseller Control Panel and API. It also includes support for DNSSEC and DNS templates. 

Premium DNS adds three special features on top of this service. These include worldwide coverage with 99.99% uptime, a blazing-fast response time, and built-in protection against DDoS attacks. These winning features make this product one of the best choices to offer to your customers.

As DNS is the first step of the security journey, it makes sense to want to have it protected. DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks happen when one domain is attacked by thousands of queries. These usually come from many different IP addresses. When the number of queries exceeds the maximum amount that your DNS server can handle, this may affect the availability of a website and even cause it to go down. Premium DNS by Sectigo comes armed with enterprise-grade DDoS protection that will keep your customers’ DNS servers protected from these attacks at any time.

Besides this security component, Premium DNS features premium, high-speed, and worldwide coverage. All of your DNS zones are pushed to Sectigo’s DNS servers all around the globe. When website visitors look up a record on Sectigo’s network, they are instantly connected to the name server location closest to them.  This ensures a fast and smooth experience for visitors all over the world. 

Moreover, if there would be a disruption in one of Sectigo’s DNS servers or regions, this would not affect your customers. Premium DNS automatically transfers requests over to the next closest DNS server in a visitor’s region. Sectigo’s worldwide coverage means that your websites have a guarantee to be up at least 99.99% of the time.

Let’s get started!

Premium DNS is very easy to set up and manage with Openprovider. If you want to add it to a new domain, simply check the “Premium DNS by Sectigo” box when you are ordering the domain. For existing domains, you can easily turn it on in our Reseller Control Panel. We have fully integrated Premium DNS into our control panel and API. You can manage premium zones just as you manage our free standard DNS.

As we are long-term partners of Sectigo, we are able to offer our Members an exclusive deal on this product. You get DDoS protection, global coverage, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, coupled with the integration in our easy-to-use control panel or API, and an exclusive price. Member prices for Premium DNS start at just $6.49 per year!

Would you like to learn more about Premium DNS? Consult this FAQ article in our Knowledge Base or contact our support team if you need help setting anything up. We are happy to help you anytime!

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