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Top up your account automatically!

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Top up your openprovider account automatically!

You may have been wondering how can you automatically top up your account, so you never have to worry about your payments again. Our Control Panel has a functionality called Recurring Payments that allows you to easily set this up. 

You can set up Recurring Payments in two different ways:

  • You can automatically schedule a payment every “X” days – for instance, every 7 or 30 days,
  • Or, you can choose to have your account automatically topped up when the balance drops below a certain threshold. For instance, you can choose to have your account topped up with €50, every time the balance drops below €10.

Available payment methods for automatic top ups

Currently, it is possible to set up a recurring payment using your credit card or SEPA Direct Debits. You can enter your credit card information directly on the Recurring Payments page in the Control Panel. If using a credit card is not possible for you and you want to use SEPA Direct Debits instead, please reach out to our Support Team or to your account manager to set it up.

Do you want to know more about Recurring Payments? Check out this article in our Knowledge Base, or reach out to our support team or your account manager.

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