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Plesk licenses used illegally will be billed extra

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Plesk is seeking to increase control over the enforcement of their license use policy with their channel partners. This has implications for both distributors and our customers:

  • If a license is installed on more than one physical or virtual server at once, Plesk will report this license as “fraudulent” to Openprovider.
    See Plesk EULA, Section 1: Scope of Use
  • Such licenses in use require us to charge extra for their use, and we will therefore bill them doubly.

Please remember that, if you buy Plesk licenses from Openprovider, it is your responsibility to ensure:

  • that you use your licenses in a legal manner.
    • that you follow the Plesk EULA.
    • that you do not use one Plesk licenses on more than one server.
  • that you pass on awareness of the policy to the end user (and all other parties involved)

Please be aware that Plesk and thus Openprovider reserve the right to charge additional fees for every extra IP detected on a Plesk license, or to terminate the license right away.

You can learn more about Plesk’s new license use policy in this blog post.

If we can provide any additional assistance or clarification about this, please contact us. We are here to help.

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