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Plesk license fraud prevention

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plesk license fraud preventionAt the beginning of this year, Plesk started to draw attention to the practice of customers installing licenses on more than one physical or virtual server at once. As such practices violate Plesk End User License Agreement (EULA) Plesk automatically marks them as “fraudulent”. Openprovider, as a Plesk Platinum partner, is obliged to follow Plesk’s recommendations. Because of this, we are now changing our internal processes and license usage policy for our customers.

Fraudulent license termination

If you use a license on more than one server (that is to say, if more than one IP address is detected), Plesk will automatically terminate your license. They do this to prevent multiple billing of the license. Plesk is now charging for every IP address detected with the license.

If you receive such a notification, you should replace the licenses mentioned on every Plesk instance which uses the fraudulent license. This should minimize the impact on your end customer websites.

No more license download option

It is not possible anymore to download the license key as an XML file from Openprovider’s Control Panel or via API. We have changed this in order to to enforce the usage of the activation code for license installation on the server.

When you active a license through the activation code, this action automatically registers the license with the Plesk Key Administrator. It therefore prevents usage of the license on more than 1 server. It will not be possible anymore to activate Plesk licenses without having a public IP on the server instance.

The license activation code can be retrieved from Openprovider Control Panel license details page or via API.

Do you have any questions about these changes and Plesk license fraud prevention in general?

Our support team is happy to assist you. You can contact them here.

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