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Quarterly cost price review Memberships

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quarterly-cost-price-reviewOne of our promises with our unique subscription based Membership model is that we forward any financial advantage, related to the included extensions, to our customers. Not partly, but completely. Every quarter we re-investigate our cost prices and adjust them if necessary.

This third quarter we have been able to realize price reductions on three of our extensions. The new prices have already been implemented in your account, so you will profit immediately:




Old price

$ 10,00

$ 20,96

Dkk 36,18

New price

$ 7,50

$ 20,94

Dkk 36,08


Activate your Membership now!

If you already have an activated Membership Plan, you immediately profit from these lower prices. If you have not yet activated yourMembership Plan, this is the perfect time to do so! Log in to the Openprovider control panel and activate it immediately.

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