Price reduction .eus

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PromoEUSEffective from the 1st of February 2017, the .eus registry (Basque Country) will reduce its prices for all operations. The new Member price for registration, transfer and renewal will be € 35.15; non-Member prices will be reduced to €44.00 (tier 8) to € 58.00 (tier 1). The restore fee will be reduced from €95.00 to €45.00.

Continuous growth

.eus is the only extension in the Basque Country that has shown a net growth in 2016. All other extensions (except .fr) have seen decreasing numbers, up to 14% for the generic extensions. .eus stands out of these figures with a growth of 18%. This stable position allows the registry to lower its prices and make the .eus domain attractive to even more people and organisations.

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