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Price and policy changes .whoswho

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whoswhoOne of the new gTLDs being online now for almost 2 years is .whoswho. The ideas of the registry were interesting at that time: .whoswho domains could be registered only by people related to the domain name (so people couldn’t register unless they actually were named Mickey Mouse). Furthermore, the registry provided default content on each registered domain.

Unfortunately these ideas appeared not to be too attractive and registration volumes got stuck a bit. For that reason, the registry has announced a series of changes to their prices and policies that will make the extension more attractive. The following changes will become effective as from the 1st of September:

  • First of all, the price will drop to $20.18 (Members) instead of a price of more than $75.00.
  • The registry will also introduce premium domain names on previously reserved domains. (Renewals will be charged at the regular, low, fee.)
  • The registry will lift the “matching names” policy: everyone will be able to register every domain name. A clear result is the allowance of fan pages by others than the person itself.
  • The registry will allow domain registrations that use our Whois Privacy Protection.
  • The registry will get rid of pre-filled web pages.
  • The prohibition of certain content types will be lifted.

By those changes, .whoswho will behave like most other generic domains names, e.g. .com.

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