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Price increase for adult domains

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.xxx is one of the adult domains we offerICM Registry, the registry for .sex, .porn, .adult and .xxx domain names, has announced a price increase that will be effective from the 1st of September 2017. The price for new registrations and renewals for our Members will increase to USD 68.38 instead of USD 62.18.

Tip: register or renew your .sex, .porn, .adult and .xxx domains before the 1st of September. That way, you still pay the current low price, even if you register or renew your domains for multiple years. You can register your .sex, .porn, .adult and .xxx domains up to a period of 10 years.

In case you do not want your business name to be used for an adult domain, buying “AdultBlock” might be a good option for you. Purchasing AdultBlock means that your business name will appear as “reserved” when combined with these domain extensions. So, in this case,,, and would all appear as reserved domains. They cannot be registered by someone else who may wish to harm your business or reputation.

AdultBlock is available for:

  • registered trademarks;
  • unregistered trademarks;
  • company and organization names;
  • celebrity names.

You can purchase AdultBlock through Openprovider. Have a look at this Knowledge Base article for more information. You can also contact our support team if you need any help with AdultBlock.

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