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.moscow city day promotion!

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the .moscow domain is on sale for Moscow City Day!Domain registry FAITID has announced a big promotion the for domain extensions .moscow and .москва (the city in cyrillic) during the celebration of Moscow City Day. Each domain is available for 1 year for EUR 1,41 as our non-Member price, and it is only 0,76 Euro for our Membership Plans.

If you are interested in an 80% discount price on a .moscow domain, this is your chance! This super sale will only last for to weeks! You can benefit from these deals from 28th of August 2017 until 10th of September 2017.

Moscow City Day is celebrated every year during the first weekend of September. The event takes place every year since 1986 and it celebrates the founding of the city. The celebration includes fireworks, a parade, sports contests, amusement rides and free concerts for everyone in the city. In September 2022, the city of Moscow will celebrate its 875th birthday – which means an extra festive Moscow City Day will be happening!

.moscow is just one of many of a fast-growing category of geographically specific domains. Besides .moscow and its Cyrillic counterpart, we have dozens of other city domain names on offer from all over the world. Our offer ranges from Kyoto to Boston! You can consult this Knowledge Base page to see a full list of city domains on offer. Scroll down to All active gTLDs at a glance>Currently in General Availability>Geographic.

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