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Knowledge based relocated and updated

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Our current knowledge base works via the Zendesk platform, the same platform we use for the tickets that are handled by the Support department. Over time more features are added by Zendesk that either make our lives easier or improve a situation.

Some time ago a new Help Center was released, in essence it’s a replacement of the Knowledge Base functionality that we are using now. As of this month we are also moving our knowledge base to this new platform to enjoy the benefits.

Biggest changes that you will notice as a user are:

  • The links to the knowledge base will change
  • The look and feel is slightly different

For Openprovider there are more benefits, such as:

  • The ticketing system will suggest related articles, allowing us to easily include links to more detailed articles than the question at hand
  • More insight in usage and search terms, allowing us to improve the effectiveness and completeness of the knowledge base
  • More integration options, allowing us things we currently don’t even know about in the future

We will make sure to replace the links to the knowledge base in the right locations so you don’t have to search for it. The button in the control panel will soon point to the new location!

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