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In the domain industry, just selling domain registrations often isn’t enough to stand out. Offering your clients other products will not only help you grow your business, it is also a good way of making sure your clients get what they want. A big topic is internet security. Being able to provide solid security can build the trust a possible client might be looking for. Let’s have a closer look at what internet security people are looking for when they try to register a domain.

What types of internet security are customers looking for?

This question doesn’t have a simple fixed answer. Each customer is different, some have much experience and others are just starting with their first own website. They’ll all have questions about internet security though, the beginner likely more than the experienced client. So you can expect beginners level questions about the most basic form of security.  The most used search queries in Google about this topic are about good old antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing. When asked about internet security, terms like VPN, Firewall and password managers are also common questions.

Some of these topics might seem as non issues to you, but your client might be really concerned. It might even stop a potential client from registering a domain. So no matter the level of knowledge from the question asker (the search query with the highest search volume is ‘what is internet security’), it is good to have recommendations ready. Explain what antivirus you would recommend, and why. What does a VPN do, and what doesn’t it do?

What can Openprovider do about your internet security?

There are other concerns about security though, that can’t be taken away by helping install an antivirus. Bigger issues such as DDOS-attacks, domain hijacking and Whois Privacy Protection require serious measurements to avoid dangerous risks. At Openprovider we work hard every day to obtain the highest level of security, so you can reassure your client that their domain is in safe hands.

DDOS-attacks can do great damage to the victims. In February 2020, a huge DDOS-attack took down Amazon Web Services for three days. Not only did AWS lose a lot of money in those days while their services were down, it also caused a lot of damage to the brand image. According to SecurityWeek, each day we see 28.700 DDOS-attacks, or attempts.

When it comes to DDOS attacks, there are certain precautions we can take. Although it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety against DDOS attacks, it’s important you take measures to minimize the risk. At Openprovider we have placed a fair limit on the number of queries per second per IP address. We review this limit on a regular basis.

In order to secure domain names from being hijacked, DNSSEC has been created. Although it had a slow start, it now is supported by all the major registries. What does DNSSEC do? As mentioned on our Knowledge Base:

DNSSEC is an extension to the DNS protocol, and includes digital signatures for each record. This signature can be validated by your computer, and tells two things: the record is created by the source you expect it to be, and the information in it is not altered. That way, you can fully trust the result you get, and be sure you are on the website you want to be.

In order to avoid domain hijacking and to provide spam protection, there is Whois Privacy Protection. With WPP enabled, Openprovider will substitute the organisation name of the registrant, as well as the state and country. To see what difference that makes, take a look at this example.

As mentioned before, it is not possible to guarantee 100% safety. On top of that, new threats appear constantly. With Openprovider on your side, you can be assured that all possible measures against any action that can harm the integrity of your clients will be taken. We have a team of experts working day and night to create the safest place online. Thanks to our expertise, you and your clients are in safe hands.

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