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Increase your brand’s protection with DPML Plus from Donuts

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Openprovider-dpml-plusIf you need extra protection for your brand, for a fixed price you can activate the brand protection service (Domains Protected Marks List or DPML) that some registrars offer. This service consists of blocking your brand name and preventing it from being registered for all the extensions that the registry operator concerned manages. No one will be able to register your domains – no cybersquatter can take advantage of your brand’s success. Remember that this is not a real registration – it is a block in the registry operator’s system.

DONUTS, which manages more than 200 extensions, is one of the registrars that offer this service. Now it has presented a premium service, DPML Plus, which gives you better protection for your brand by paying $10,000: you can block the domains containing your brand, spelling errors mistakes of your brand and a combination of subdomains for 10 years.

For example, Google could block android.examples, anrdoid.examples, androidphone.examples and googleandroidphone.examples with just one DPML Plus subscription. Basically, you can block 788 domains for $9,999 for 10 years, which amounts to $1.26 per domain per year.

If you are interested in this Donuts service, or in other brand protection services, please contact our sales department.

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