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Get your SSL Certificates faster with Openprovider in-house validation

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SSL-HCNow, in Openprovider, we do a pre-validation of the requested certificate before we send it to the Certificate Authority.

At this moment this service is only available for OV and EV certificates for Dutch companies with .nl domains and new gTLD but it will be extended to the rest of the countries and domains.



SSL in-house validation

  • CSR. We check if the CSR contains all the mandatory data.
  • Whois. We check if the domain has been registered under the same company name submitted in the order.
  • Telephone number. We look up the phone number of the company in the yellow pages to see if it matches the one in your order.
  • Business registration. We check that the company exists and the company address, in the Chamber of Commerce. If we have not find your phone number in the yellow pages we look it up here.

Once all these checks have been done, and if we find any mistakes in your order, we can give you advice on how to correct them before going on with the validation of the certificate. This pre-validation avoids any unnecessary delays in the delivery of your certificate.


We are convinced that these changes will speed up and improve the process of obtaining SSL certificates, while they will give you information on their validation status.

You can read an article on the new SSL certificate validation panel in our knowledge base.

This new platform is still in beta, although it is fully operating. Do not hesitate to contact our support department for any further information.

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