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EURid launches Cyrillic .ею extension

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cyrillic-dot-euIn the ten years of its existence, the .eu extension has been adopted by people and organizations from all over Europe. Domain names in all European languages and scripts are available, and from the 1st of June 2016 the top level domain itself becomes available in another European script as well: that is the launch date of the Cyrillic extension “.ею”.

Marc Van Wesemael, General Manager for EURid, states: “We’re thrilled to be adding .eu in Cyrillic to the continuously growing list of services that .eu holders’ receive. This is a big moment for .eu as the implementation of .eu in Cyrillic shows our dedication to evolve with the industry and offer state of the art features to provide an all-inclusive and memorable customer experience.”

.ею will automatically appear in Openprovider on the 1st of June and can be registered immediately without any special launch phases – just as simple as .eu. In fact, everything is similar to .eu: policies, procedures, pricing, restrictions (the domain holder must be from within the European Union).

There is one new requirement: EURid will enforce “script matching” – the domain name must be in the same script as the extension. In other words, a domain name under “.eu” must be in Latin script, while a domain name under “.ею” must be in Cyrillic script. Customers currently managing Cyrillic domains under .eu will be contacted by us at the moment EURid starts its “script adjustment phase”.

Of course, .ею will become part of our Memberships as well, meaning that you can register a .ею domain from € 4,00!

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