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.EU exclusive promo for active resellers

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.eu domain: your European identityStarting from November 1st , 2017 and lasting until December 31st , 2017, you can register .eu domains for as little as €1.30! This promo comes with different options depending on your commitment with the promo. If you apply for this promotion by sending an email to you get the price of €1,30 for new 1-year registrations. If you do not enrol in this promotion, your price is €1.75 for Membership owners, including Supremes and all the others. The regular price for non-Members is €4.75.

Note: a required condition is that you need to prove that you are promoting .eu domains to your end-customers. And note also that the price is valid only if you buy 1 domain for 1 year. It does not apply to multi-year registrations or buying multiple domains at once.

.eu is a popular extension for companies, organziations and associations within the European Union. This domain is only available for registration for EU citizens and companies headquartered in the EU. It is a relatively new ccTLD: the registry for this domain name opened only in 2006. As a newer and somewhat less popular ccTLD, it is a good choice for an European business. Choose .eu to emphasize your European identity, or as a short and recognizable extension when .com or local ccTLDs are already taken.

If you have any questions about this promotion, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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